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Oral Abstracts

No. Submission No. Abstract Title Presenting Author
OR-1 31 Randomised Controlled Trial Of Internal And External Therapeutic Temperature Management Methods In Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients Sohil Pothiawala
OR-2 14 Modifiable Factors Associated With Survival For Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Pan Asian Resuscitation Outcomes Study (PAROS) Marcus EH ONG
OR-3 25 Clinical Evaluation of Penthrox® (Methoxyflurane) and Tramadol for the Singapore Emergency Ambulance Service  Ng Yih Yng
OR-4 33 Prognosis of Adverse Cardiac Events in Chest Pain Patients Presenting to the ED of a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore Nan LIU
OR-5 5 Assessment of dyspneic patients in the emergency department using bedside lung and cardiac ultrasonography KOH Yiwen 
OR-6 64 A pilot study comparing HEART, TIMI, and GRACE scores for prediction of 30-day major adverse cardiac events in chest pain patients in the emergency department Jeffrey SAKAMOTO
OR-7 80 Singapore Pediatric Triage validation study  Thia Xing Hui (Michelle)
OR-8 53 Predictors of emesis in children undergoing procedural sedation with intramuscular (IM) ketamine in a emergency department (ED) Shruthi SURYAPRAKASH
OR-9 103 Prognostic value of pulsus paradoxus on pulsus oximetry in children with moderate to severe respiratory distress in the Children’s Emergency department Sandhya G KRISHNAN
OR-10 36 The relationship between Emergency Department doctors and nurses’ perspectives and experiences regarding the spiritual domain in end-of-life care.  Yingting ZHANG
OR-11 90 A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Oral versus Intravenous N-acetylcysteine Therapy for Paracetamol Poisoning Qin Xiang NG
OR-12 66 Diagnostic and prognostic value of radiographic imaging in open globe injuries Eunice GOH Jin Hui
OR-13 44 Conversion To Shockable Rhythms During Resuscitation And Survival For Out-Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Win WAH
OR-14 16 A Before-After Interventional Trial To Increase Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrests Survival By Implementation Of A Dispatcher-Assisted Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Package Leong Benjamin


No. Submission No. Abstract Title Presenting Author
PO-1 41 Post-resuscitative factors affecting survival outcome of post-return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) patients with survival to admission in non-traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest SHORTLISTED! LIN Ziwei
PO-2 46 Baicalein Ameliorates Post-resuscitation Systemic Inflammatory Responses and Improves Survival and Neurological Outcomes in a Rat Model of Cardiac Arrest and CPR  SHORTLISTED! Wei-Tien CHANG
PO-3 47 Ultrasound-C-A-B protocol during resuscitation SHORTLISTED! Wan-Ching LIEN
PO-4 55 Hemodynamic Profiles in Pediatric Shok After Fluid Resusciation Saptadi YULIARTO
PO-5 62 Prophylactic Antimicrobials During Therapeutic Hypothermia After Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Nationwide Database Study Takashi TAGAMI
PO-6 81 Role of ultrasound in assessing deep vein thrombosis in cardiac arrest as a reversible cause Lokesh Krishnaji KOLHE
PO-7 86 An Evidence Based Case Report: Effectiveness of dopamine compared with norepinephrine as vasopressor in adult patient with septic shock Luther Holan Parasian NAPITUPULU
PO-8 91 Elevated amylase in a diabetic – Is it always pancreatitis?
Gary Inocencio M. PEROS II
PO-9 100 Haemodynamic profiles in children with Dengue Shock Syndromme: case series from a tertiary care hospital in Indonesia Desy RUSMAWATININGTYAS
PO-10 101 Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Pediatric Sepsis Nurnaningsih
PO-11 11 Earthquake Disaster teaches to develop further in Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Nepal Ramesh Kumar MAHARJAN
PO-12 10 Model of Emergency Medicine Healthcare System in Nepal Ramesh Kumar MAHARJAN
PO-13 15 Effect of Known History of Heart Disease On Survival Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests SHORTLISTED! LEE Hui Min Magdalene
PO-14 23 The Effect Of Prehospital Intraveneous Fluid On Survival Of Trauma Patients In Khon Kaen Hospital Porntipa TANTIBUNDIT
PO-15 24 Helmet Use And Severity Of Injury In Motorcyclist Patients In Khon Kaen Hospital, Thailand Porntipa TANTIBUNDIT
PO-16 28 Survival Outcomes For Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients With Subsequent Shockable Rhythms In Singapore SHORTLISTED! ONG Eng Hock Marcus
PO-17 108 A systematic review and meta-analysis of compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation in improving bystanders’ cardiopulmonary resuscitation performance Rachel KO Jia Min
PO-18 34 Associations between Gender and Cardiac Arrest Outcomes in Pan-Asian OHCA Patients SHORTLISTED! Nan LIU
PO-19 45 Emergency Performance Evaluation by Medic Xcel Training Sdn Bhd. Azuzay ZAMANI
PO-20 49 In-patient Mortality Analysis Following Establishment of a Separate Pediatric Emergency Care in Eastern Nepal  Gauri SHANKAR
PO-21 63 Body-Worn Cameras Improve EMS Documentation Accuracy SHORTLISTED! Jeffrey HO
PO-22 8 Scalp Laceration Repair by Nurses in an Urban Emergency Department

– A Prospective Observational Study
CHENG chew ying, Rebacca
PO-23 57 Emergency Nurses’ Professionalism Challenges in the Department of Emergency Medicine in Implementing Nursing Care for Cardiac Arrest Patients Lestari Eko DARWATI
PO-24 93 Practicing disaster triage through tabletop simulation in Postgraduate Nursing Student Brawijaya University Bintari Ratih KUSUMANINGRUM
PO-25 102 Psychological Aspects of Nurse Survivors Who Volunteered as Disaster First Responders; an Experience from Aceh Tsunami 2014 Sapondra WIJAYA
PO-26 56 Preoperative Nasopharyngeal Decolonization using Mupirocin and Chlorhexidine in Preventing Surgical Site Infection: A Meta-Analysis Russel R. Semeniano 
PO-27 78 Adherence to guidelines on empiric use of antibiotics in the emergency department – a quality improvement audit NG Wei Xiang
PO-28 97 Catch It If You Can: Case Series of Pulmonary Leptospirosis Wen Ji KANG
PO-29 98 Small Bowel Obstruction In A Young Virgin Abdomen: A Case Report DK Halimatussa'diah PG ZAINI
PO-30 13 Can a film screened in A & E improve patients' perceptions towards waiting? KOLHE Lokesh Krishnaji
PO-31 9 Emergency Medicine Training in Nepal Ramesh Kumar MAHARJAN
PO-32 27 Tongue-tied in the Emergency Department?  The Utility of Mandarin Classes for Non-Mandarin Speaking Healthcare Workers. Ratnasari YAWIERIIN
PO-33 39 Interprofessional education- Creating Educators for the future GOH Guat Keng Yvonne
PO-34 82 Singapore Neonatal Resuscitation Program – Impact of e-learning  YEO Cheo Lian
PO-35 83 Comparison of basic life support skills of high school students using traditional instructor-led training method versus video-based training method: a randomized-control study ALMENOR, Grace
PO-36 18 Family Presence In Emergency: Attitude And Belief Among Emergency Health Professionals In A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Nepal. Sonai CHAUDHURI
PO-37 20 Drug ampoules in rectum: Lucky co-incidental finding in emergency department of eastern Nepal. Saroj GIRI
PO-38 60 Computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) trends: An observational study from a regional hospital in New Zealand Stephanie CHAN
PO-39 29 Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy In A 60-year-old Male After A Routine Morning Exercise SABALLA, Mariane C.
PO-40 61 Ventricular Fibrillation from a General Population: A National Database Study Wei-Chieh TSENG
PO-41 99 Anaphylaxis- A Spectrum Of Terror Ruzaini RAZAK
PO-42 104 The use of propofol for procedural sedation in Emergency Department. CHAN Wai Ho
PO-43 106 Unidentified Systemic Neurotoxic Envenomation Mashitah MOHAMED ISMAIL
PO-44 107 Bloody Bite In The Tropics Cangitaa ARUMUGAM 
PO-45 67 Mechanical circulatory support for pediatric patients with myocarditis  Shu-chien HUANG
PO-46 85 Paediatric Head Injury Surveillance in Asia  Dianna Sri DEWI
PO-47 88 Experience and challenge of the pediatric Point-of-Care Ultrasound training course implementation in Japan  Takaaki MORI
PO-48 89 Bronchiolitis assessment in the ED  - how does the respiratory index score (RIS) perform?   SHORTLISTED! Wendy CHIN Yi Wen
PO-49 94 A Ten-year retrospective review of pediatric drowning and submersion injuries in Singapore  Geoffrey NG Guoyi
PO-50 95 Non-motorized small-wheeled sporting equipment related injury to children in Singapore - Is it a wise choice of play? ManasvinTRIPATHI
PO-51 79 Assessing Effective Methods to Educate Caregivers on Childhood Ailments Aimed at Reducing Input to the Pediatric Emergency Department Tessa ONG E-Lin
PO-52 21 Characteristics and reasons for Emergency Department visits by patients with end-of-life care issues in the last week of life SHORTLISTED! NG Ee Yang
PO-53 37 Terminal Extubation in the Emergency Department CHERYL CHUA
PO-54 73 Risk factors for complicated grief among emergency department deaths in a restructured hospital in Singapore: a call for increased bereavement support  CHUA, Zi'en Ruth
PO-55 35 Emergency nurses’ perspectives and experiences regarding the spiritual domain in end-of-life care SHORTLISTED! Alice LEE
PO-56 40 Prospective Injury Surveillance At A 2015 Rugby Sevens Tournament Joanne PROBERT
PO-57 77 Pilot Study Of Knowledge And Management Of Concussion In Emergency Department Doctors In Singapore Joanne PROBERT
PO-58 22 Pulmonary contusion and traumatic pneumatoceles in a platform diver with haemoptysis: a case report CHAN Shi-En Joanna
PO-59 74 Predictors of Visual Outcome in Open Globe Injuries SHORTLISTED! LI Zhenghao Kelvin
PO-60 84 A pilot study on multidisciplinary trauma team training using simulation based approach Stacey CHONG
PO-61 58 High Altitude Medical Support for Mount Kinabalu Climb and Summit Paragliding  Muhamad Na'im Bin AB RAZAK
PO-62 59 Case Series of High Altitude Illness on Mount Kinabalu Muhamad Na'im Bin AB RAZAK
PO-63 43 Relationship Between Bystander Cpr, Ambulance Response Time And Ventricular Fibrillation As Presenting Rhythm For Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest   SHORTLISTED! Win WAH


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