Meeting programme may be subjected to further changes.

Saturday, Day 1 

27th February 2016 (0800 -- 1810 hrs)

Ian Jacobs Memorial Lecture – Top 10 Strategies to Improve OHCA Survival

Dr Jerry Nolan, United Kingdom



SESSION 2: Austere Environment and Disaster Management

Dr Sohil Pothiawala

Putting It Together: The Makings of a Good Evidence Review Worksheet
A/Prof Peter Morley, Australia

Challenges of Aeromedical Evacuation

Dr Rahul Goswami, Singapore

Compression Depth and Rate, Any New Evidence?

Prof Koen Monsieurs, Belgium

Resuscitation in the Wilderness

Dr Kanak Naidu, Singapore

Chest Compression Only CPR by Layperson – Is it for Prime Time?

Dr Andrew Travers, Canada

Tactical Medicine in an Urban Setting

Dr David Chew, Singapore

RCA Adult BLS algorithm for Layperson

Prof Chung Sung Phil, Korea

Triage Tools in Mass Disaster

Prof Goh Siang Hiong, Singapore

Commentary of Chest Compression Only CPR by Layperson

Prof Karl Kern, United States

Training Issue in CPR – Training Cycle and CPR Feedback

Prof Judith Finn, Australia

Reversal of Dabigatran Etexilate: Current Strategies and the REVERSE AD Trial

A/Prof Ng Heng Joo, Singapore

Mechanical CPR - Do they save lives?

Prof Gavin Perkins, United Kingdom

Low Dose High Frequency Training for Lifelong Learning - 'Cause impact matters
Ms Zeenat Abdul Samad, Singapore

SESSION 3: Intervention in Cardiac Arrest


SESSION 4: Medical Education & Communication in Teams

Dr Rao Kai Ling

Public Access Defibrillation - Is there anything new?

Prof Tetsuya Sakamoto, Japan

Popcorn & Beer

  • Dr Michael Fung
  • Dr Ian Mathews
  • Dr Kanwar Sudhir Lather
  • Dr Shanaz Matthew Sajeed

PCI after ROSC: Who will benefit?

Prof Karl Kern, United States

Guidelines for Hypothermic Targeted Temperature Management in VF and non-VF Arrest

Prof Robert Neumar, United States

Clinical Educator: To be or not to be?

A/Prof Tham Kum Ying, Singapore

ECMO: Who will benefit?

Prof Wang Tzong-Luen, Taiwan

Breaking The Code

Dr Daniel Kwek, Singapore

SESSION 5: P&P (Prognostication, NSTEMI, Paeds)

A/Prof Ng Kee Chong 

SESSION 6: Palliative Care, Pain and Suffering

Dr Ian Mathews

Post-Cardiac Arrest Prognostication
Prof Clifton Callaway, United States

Same, Same But Different--Agressive Resuscitation to Aggressive Palliation
Dr Noreen Chan, Singapore

NSTEMI: Evidence Based Lifesaving treatment at the ED

A/Prof Mark Chan, Singapore

Shifting Gears, Changing Mindsets - Embracing EOL Care in ED
Dr Rakhee Yash Pal, Singapore

Paediatric Basic Life Support: Why children are not small adults

Dr Richard Aickin, New Zealand

Beyond Protocols- EP training in Pall Care
Dr Bang Chungli, Singapore

Paediatric Advanced Life SupportIt is no child's play
Prof Vinay Nadkarni, United States

Not Intensive Care but Intensive Caring
APN Geraldine Baird, Singapore

ILCOR CoSTR 2015, and Looking Ahead Towards 2020
Prof Gavin Perkins, United Kingdom

Palliative Forum

Panellists include: Dr Noreen Chan, Dr Rakhee Yash Pal, Dr Bang Chungli, APN Geraldine Baird & Dr Puneet Seth


Sunday, Day 2

28th February 2016 (0800--1730 hrs)

SEMS-Laerdal Pre-Hospital SimGames Finals

Chair: Dr Michael Chia, Singapore

Pre-Hospital Medicine Plenaries 

Chairs: A/Prof Marcus Ong & Dr Ng Yih Yng

Emergency Medical Dispatch “What is the best practice”?

Prof Maaret Castrén, Finland

The Preferred Advanced Airway and Ventilation Strategy at the Ambulance Services

Dr Jerry Nolan, United Kingdom

SESSION 7: Cardiac

Dr Francis Lavapie

SESSION 8: Paediatrics

Dr Chong Shuling & A/Prof Ng Kee Chong 

SESSION 9: Trauma

Dr E-Shaun Goh

Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome with High Sensitive Troponin T: Is 2 hours ED rule out guideline a reality?

A/Prof Lim Swee Han, Singapore

Highlights from Paediatrics ILCOR CoSTaR (2011-2015)

Prof Allan de Caen, Canada

History of Local Trauma Resuscitation

A/Prof Mark Leong, Singapore


Atrial Fibrillation at the ED: Can we do more? (Cardioversion, anticoagulation)

A/Prof Ching Chi Keong, Singapore

Evidence-based Paediatric Resuscitation: Looking for much needed evidence and a call to arms

Dr Ian Maconochie, United Kingdom

State of the Art: Management of Haemorrhagic Shock in Trauma

A/Prof Michael Parr, Australia

Novel Oral Anticoagulants - The great reversal

A/Prof Ng Heng Joo, Singapore

Fluid Resuscitation in Paediatric Sepsis: Applying the Goldilocks’ principle

Dr Richard Aickin, New Zealand

Paediatric Trauma in a Nutshell

Dr Lee York Tien, Singapore


How to Resuscitate Patient in the Cath Lab

Prof Karl Kern,United States

Neonatal Resuscitation Circa 2015: What the non-neonatologists need to know

Dr Jonathan Wyllie, United Kingdom


Penthrox Study

A/Prof Marcus Ong, Singapore

SESSION 10: Emergency Nursing

Sister Tracy Ng Wei Wei


Dr Nausheen Edwin Doctor

SESSION 12:  Sepsis/Critical Care

Dr Kuan Win Sen 

Resuscitation Science for Emergency and Intensive Care Nurses – Saving Lives with Evidence

Prof Julie Considine, Australia

Haemorrhage Control in the Pre-hospital Setting

Dr Axel Siu, Hong Kong

The RSI since 1970 –Advancements,Best practices &Controversies

Dr Erkan Göksu, Turkey


What does Resuscitation mean to you?

NC Tan Sok Keng, Singapore

Measure and Improve: 10 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest metrics that should be tracked to increase survival

A/Prof Bryan McNally, United States

Making Sense of the New Evidence in Sepsis: Recalibrating our strategies

Dr Matthew Cove, Singapore


Impact of Family Members Presence at Resuscitation

Ms Joelle Yap, Singapore

Resuscitation of Cardiac Arrest in the Football Field

Dr Efraim Kramer, South Africa


Dispelling Haemodynamic Myths and Misinformation in Severe Sepsis

Dr See Kay Choong, Singapore


The Role of the Nursing Profession in ILCOR CoSTR–From the Education and Training Taskforce Chair
Prof Judith Finn, Australia

SEMS Inter-Hospital SimGames Finals
ICs: Dr Geraldine Leong, Dr Chan Jing Jing

*Seating will be on a first-come first-served basis and in the event of inadequate seating, delegates may be ushered to a nearby room to view the proceedings concurrently. This is likely to only affect the programme on Day 1 morning

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